Our Story


Five Forks Elderberry came into existence through our Founder, Kendall Faust and lifestyle decisions that she and her husband decided for their family. She is a Certified Herbalist focusing in the ancient traditions of Ayurveda methods of natural medicine healing. She is also an avid hiker, an advocate for the outdoors and a whole foods plant based lifestyle. Kendall is a member of the Greenville Holistic Chamber of Commerce and educator of natural medicine making. Natural medicine makers have passed their knowledge of herbs and elixirs in her family for many generations. At a very young age Kendall was taught how to grow her own herbs/gardens and craft elixirs made from natural ingredients. These teachings have helped mold Kendall's everyday life, giving her the gift to help others in their journey to a natural lifestyle. "As an Herbalist, I feel we can never have enough education within natural healing methods. Even the most knowledgeable Herbalists of our generation continue their knowledge of natural healing into their senior years" Kendall says. As she continued to help friends and loved ones on their journey to better health, Five Forks Elderberry began to evolve into a company. Today Kendall has a team made up of herself, her husband Josh, their two sons Atticus and Levi and 5 additional team members. Each of these team members range from having a back ground with auto immune disorders, Nurses, Yoga enthusiasts, & healthy like minded souls."Five Forks Elderberry takes pride in connecting the divide between local farmers and our customers. Having a personal connection with each of our local farmers and knowing where our ingredients comes from, is crucial to the environmental footprint that producing elderberry and other elixirs create. We want to be conscious of our suppliers, packaging, and products to make sure we are offering the highest quality available, that is also safest to our environment.


We offer a variety of products that support your Immune System to reduce the symptoms of illness or even as a reoccurring preventive. We offer 3 varieties that are specific to each persons individual health needs. Whether you suffer from allergies, allergic to certain ingredients, or even diabetic, we have elderberry that is specific to your needs. Our Elderberry has been 3rd party lab tested and approved in SC. We never use powdered ingredients/thickeners in our recipe or choose to overly saturate with sweeteners. We chose to work with an approved chemist to formulate a more desirable and modern version of Elderberry that could be consumed without the need to sweeten if chosen. Quality assurance and consumer safety was at the top of our priority list. We also knew that if we were going to continue to make immune supporting products for others, it needed to be in retail locations for both consumer convenience and accessibility." Five Forks Elderberry currently has 12 locations across the upstate..

Five Forks Elderberry has been featured in Natural living, Five Forks Neighbors, and Simpsonville Neighbors magazines. With segments on WSPA News Channel 7, Fox 21, & YOUR CAROLINA with Jack and Meghan.

We want to thank all of our supporters for trusting us to keep you and your family safe naturally. We hope that with this next chapter of our business, that we make you all just as proud as you have made us. We work so hard to keep up with demand, and our followers have been extremely patient watching us catch up to our growth. From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks to everyone that has loved us so much! ❤️

To all of our vendor family, friends, faithful customers and store owners, We just love you!

Thanks for believing in us!

-FFE Team