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What do others have to say about Five Forks Elderberry?


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"When I first moved to the area I was referred to Kendall by our nutritionist. She was the most educated and well informed of the few that I have spoken to. We chose Kendall, because we can trust where our products come from.  I love that there is a specific type for each of family members"
Allison W

"I don’t normally give a review on a product that I only used once but once was all it took. Kendall explained to me Saturday at Toasty Farmer about her Fire Cider Herbal Tonic that it was great for a chest cold. Well Sunday my granddaughter and I both came down with this nasty flu going around and today I remembered what Kendall had told me about the Fire Cider I was able to get a bottle today and used her suggestion of mixing it with grape juice to be honest there is nothing that will Disguise the taste of this cider but as bad as it taste it really worked. I feel so much better and I texted my granddaughter and she said she feels amazing. So I am giving it 👍👍

Thanks Kendall for all you help ❤️"

-Kathy L

"Wowsers was this stuff good! Kendall told me to take it consistently for the next week. Now its been two, and were still all splashing it into our drinks! Hope we cant overdose on too much of this stuff. It is the best Ive ever tried."

-Jackie H

The Elderberry tea is FIRE!!!!! We drove down to the beach last weekend and packed a case in the cooler. They were the first drinks gone for the day! Everyone wanted your info. So here we all were at Isle of Palms, on the beach, looking up Five Forks Elderberry on Facebook. Good times! Our girls devoured the elderberry pops too. Thanks for keeping us all healthy even on vacation.

-Julie S

"I bought this at Plant Life in TR and absolutely LOVE it! I have my whole household taking it and it makes such a difference. I would like to get a second bottle but Plant Life is closed for a few weeks. Do you have anymore in stock?"

-Sara G

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