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Five Forks Elderberry FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your Elderberries come from? Are they organic?

We source our berries from a family owned farm.
Most of which is covered with cherry and berry greenhouses.
Their farm is registered as certified organic. 

Yes, You are good to travel 2-3 hours with your bottle, but any more length of time should be in refrigeration. This is due to us adding no preservatives.

Should I keep my elderberry refrigerated?

My elderberry seems thin. Should it be thick, like the elderberry syrup I've bought at the store?

Yes, our Elderberry is thinner than store bought elderberry. This is because our version lacks those harmful preservatives that thickens the formula creating it to be a shelf stable product.


In fact, our elderberry is typically thinner than local options.

Why? We do not over saturate with honey, which sometimes can act as a natural preserver.This method requires 1/3 of the bottle to be honey.

We at Five Forks Elderberry have worked hard to craft a formula

that doesn't need to be over-saturated with sweeteners. 

Are all of your ingredients certified organic?

Where do you source your herbs?

Yes, all of our ingredients are not considered "wild crafted", "naturally derived", or "cultivated." We are adamant about using chemical free ingredients. Unfortunately, none of the above terms guarantees the quality of the berry as an organic form. Plants that are certified organic are usually grown commercially in a controlled environment. They are grown on unpolluted land, without the use of harmful chemicals or environmental elements as the others. We choose ingredients that are certified organic ingredients, or buy from local "spray-free" farms that we have had a personal connection with.

You offer more than one type of elderberry?

What is the difference?

Yes, We offer 3 varieties. Regular is sweetened with local honey. recommended most often with customers suffering from allergies. Vegan tends to be our most popular as it is sweetened with organic maple. We also off a sugar free version for our customer that may not want that much sugar in their diet.

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