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Ginger Root

•Improved Digestion •Lowers Blood Pressure •Reduces Nausea •Reduced Inflammation •Antibacterial Properties •Blood-Sugar Regulator •Reduces Menstrual Pain •Positively effects cholesterol levels


*Improves Skin Health *Natural Blood Thinner *Helps Fight Disease & Chronic Conditions *Aids Weight Loss *Reduces Chronic Inflammation *Helps Arthritis & Joint Pain


•Natural Laxative •Supports Allergy Relief •Assists with Healthy Skin •Supports Lower Glucose Levels •Anti-Carcinogenic •Cold/Flu Relief •Improves Heart Health •Improves Bone Health •Assist With Weight Loss

Aronia Berry

* Weight Loss * Aid in Digestion * Antioxidant Capacity * Prevent Cancer * Boost Immunity * Improve Vision * Skin Care * Regulate Blood Pressure * Antibacterial * Prevent and Manage Diabetes


* Better Digestion * Antibacterial Properties * Liver Protection * Diabetes Management * Bone Preservation * Anti-mutagenic Properties * Immunity Booster * Anti-inflammatory Properties * Oral Health * Aphrodisiac Properties * Headache Treatment


•Helps aid in digestion •Supports Healthy immune system •Healthy Heart Support •May aid in weight loss •Rich source of Vitamin C •Inflamation Reducer •Natural detoxifier •Skin protectant •Eases Chronic pain

Ceylon Cinnamon

* Appetite stimulation. * Common cold. * Diabetes. * Diarrhea. * Gas (flatulence). * Infections. * Influenza.

Orange Peel

• Anti-Inflammatory • Improves Oral Health • Boosts Immune System • Anti-Cancer Activity • Protects Respiratory System • Improves Digestive System • Helps with Weight Loss

Star Anise

•Flu symptom reduction •treat nausea •loaded with antioxidants •Vitamin A & C •Treats acne and mini skin conditions •Supports healthy glucose levels •heart health boost •fights bacteria and fungus

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