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Own Immune-Boosting Elixirs with DIY Elderberry & Fire Cider Kits!

Instant Pot, Slow Cooker and Stove-top directions included with all natural muslin brew bag. Toss the bag after brewing for an easy no mess clean up. Store your Elderberry in the fridge or freeze!

Elderberry DIY Kits

Unleash the natural power of Elderberry in the comfort of your kitchen with our DIY Elderberry Kits. Elevate your wellness journey by creating a potent elixir enriched with organic ingredients known for their medicinal benefits. Let's dive into the magical world of each component:

✨ Organic Ceylon Cinnamon: Infuse your brew with the anti-inflammatory properties of Ceylon Cinnamon, renowned for its ability to reduce inflammation and support overall well-being.

🌸 Clove & Rosehips: Experience the aromatic blend of clove and the vitamin C-rich goodness of rosehips, both contributing to a powerful antioxidant boost that aids in immune support.

🌱 Ginger Root: Harness the anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits of ginger root, adding a zing to your concoction while supporting your body's natural defense mechanisms.

⭐ Star Anise: Indulge in the subtle licorice flavor of star anise, known for its potential antimicrobial properties that may contribute to overall immune health.

🍇 Aronia Berry: Introduce the antioxidant-rich aronia berry to your blend, promoting cellular health and adding a burst of natural sweetness.

🌿 Elderberry: Central to the concoction, elderberry brings its immune-boosting prowess, offering relief from common ailments and providing overall wellness support.

🛍️ Unbleached Drawstring Muslin Brew Bag: Our kits come complete with an unbleached drawstring muslin brew bag for a hassle-free brewing experience. Toss it after brewing for easy cleanup, leaving you with a mess-free crafting process.

🍲 Versatile Brewing Directions: Whether you prefer the convenience of an Instant Pot, the slow infusion of a slow cooker, or the traditional stove-top method, our DIY Elderberry Kits include step-by-step directions for each. Embrace the flexibility of crafting your potion in a way that suits your lifestyle.

❄️ Easy Storage Options: After brewing, store your Elderberry elixir in the fridge or freeze it for prolonged freshness. Our kits are designed for your convenience, ensuring that you have a ready supply of immune-boosting goodness whenever you need it.

🌟 Craft, Sip, and Thrive: Experience the joy of crafting your own immune-boosting elixir with our DIY Elderberry Kits. Embrace the medicinal benefits of each thoughtfully chosen ingredient and take control of your well-being. Elevate your wellness routine, one brew at a time!

Unlock the magic of DIY Elderberry Kits – a journey towards a healthier, more resilient you. Get your kit today and savor the blend of health and craftsmanship!

Elderberry Ingredients- Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Clove, Rosehips, Ginger Root, Star Anise, Aronia Berry, Elderberry & an unbleached drawstring muslin brew bag.

Fire Cider DIY Kits

🔥 Ignite Your Wellness Journey with DIY Fire Cider Kits! Craft, Spice, and Thrive!

Step into the world of herbal alchemy with our DIY Fire Cider Kits, where you take the reins of your wellness by concocting a potent and invigorating elixir. Unleash the fiery goodness of nature's bounty and explore the medicinal benefits each ingredient brings to this powerful brew.

🌶️ Arbol Pepper: Feel the heat with arbol pepper, infusing your Fire Cider with spicy warmth that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also may boost metabolism and circulation.

🍊 Orange Peel & Grapefruit: Zest up your elixir with the citrusy burst of orange peel and grapefruit, offering a rich source of vitamin C for immune support and a refreshing twist to your brew.

🌿 Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Turmeric: Harness the immune-boosting power of garlic, onion, ginger, and turmeric – a powerhouse quartet that provides anti-inflammatory benefits and supports overall health.

🍃 Ceylon Cinnamon: Add a touch of sweetness with Ceylon cinnamon, enhancing the flavor profile while contributing anti-inflammatory properties to the mix.

⭐ Star Anise: Experience the subtle licorice notes of star anise, complementing the spiciness and offering potential antimicrobial benefits to bolster your immune system.

🛍️ Unbleached Drawstring Muslin Bag: Crafted for convenience, our DIY kits include an unbleached drawstring muslin bag – the perfect companion for an easy brewing process and a mess-free cleanup.

🌶️ Feel the Fire, Embrace the Benefits:

Digestive Support: Ginger and turmeric promote healthy digestion, while the aromatic spices stimulate digestive fire.

Immune Boost: Garlic, onion, and citrus fruits bring a robust dose of immune-boosting antioxidants and vitamins.

Anti-Inflammatory Power: Turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon contribute anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in overall wellness.

Metabolism Boost: Arbol pepper's spiciness may help kickstart your metabolism, supporting weight management.

Refreshing Citrus Twist: Orange peel and grapefruit add a citrusy freshness, making your Fire Cider not only powerful but also delightful.

🌟 Craft, Spice, and Unleash the Fire Within: Elevate your wellness routine with the exhilarating experience of crafting your own Fire Cider. Embrace the medicinal benefits of each carefully chosen ingredient and let the fire of nature ignite your well-being.

Craft, spice, and thrive – your DIY Fire Cider journey awaits! Ignite the flames of wellness and savor the powerful blend of health and craftsmanship. Get your kit today!


Extract your Fire Cider in the muslin bag, strain and toss. Store your Fire Cider on a shelf!

Fire Cider Ingredients: Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Turmeric, Orange Peel, Grapefruit, Ceylon Cinnamon, Star Anise, Arbol Pepper, & an unbleached drawstring muslin bag.

**For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

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