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6 Display Ideas for Dried Herbs in Fall Home Decor

Your herb gardens might be coming to an end as October approaches. Yet herbs aren't just employed for their fantastic flavors and tastes. Dried herbs are simple to showcase in your fall home decor! The muted hues and pleasant scents of dried herbs make them a wonderful complement to any fall decor. Also, they make fantastic DIY projects!

Lavender, parsley, thyme, sage, and oregano are good places to start. These herbs dry out well indoors and retain their color and flavor because they don't have a lot of moisture.

Here are some of the greatest methods for decorating your home this season using dried herbs.

First wreath

You should form the wreath before the herbs are completely dried if you want to make a herb wreath.

Young branches that may be formed into a wreath shape should be cut, held in place with twine, or a wreath frame can be used to assist in the molding process. The herbs will dry into the wreath's shape when it is hung up in your house.

Because you made it, this variation on the widely used wreath decoration will seem special and charming. You may put this on exhibit in your kitchen and take herbs out as you need them for recipes, or you can put it on show for décor in any other area in your house.

Wall decoration

Many herbs may be dried by being hung upside down, therefore you can use this method as decor!

Be creative with how you hang the bunches of herbs you want to exhibit! Each branch can be hung from the string of twine by using additional twine to attach it to the wall. Or, try gluing the herbs to a rectangle piece of wood so that you can hang it as a lovely display on the wall.

Employ rosemary as a wall decoration in your bedroom because it is said to symbolize love, healing, and sound sleep. Use fewer herbs and a clothespin that is fastened to a piece of wood if you would prefer a more subtle statement. Your house will still have some charm thanks to this without being overly so.

The Ceiling

Dried herbs can be hung from the ceiling in a stylish and useful way. The herbs will be able to dry this way, and it will also appear cozy and natural.

Herbs can be hung from exposed ceiling rafters in your home to great effect. To give objects in your home a brand-new look, you may also hang herbs from pot racks, chandeliers, or drying racks.

Because it stands for power and courage, thyme is a wonderful plant to hang in your home.

Consider hanging the herbs directly in front of a window in your kitchen or another room of your house. The herbs' tips will be visible from the outside, and once the sun is shining inside, they will look fantastic.

The restroom

Herbs don't have to stay in the dining room and kitchen! Put some dried herbs in the laundry room or the bathroom to provide an unexpected touch. This will provide the space with a wonderful aroma boost that it might require!

Show off some of your favorite dried herbs in a big glass jar. Flowers can be displayed in containers or hung from the walls. Make your own potpourri for an original touch! You may create your very own potpourri by using dried apple or orange slices, pine cones, dried berries, and herbs like rosemary. This is a wonderful present idea, too! You'll adore the way these spaces feel, look, and smell!


Using dried herbs as the focus for your dining room table allows for some seriously imaginative thinking.

For a lovely statement, try putting a bouquet of dried herbs in a wicker basket or an old teapot. A vase of lavender placed on the dining room table can promote tranquility and joy. If you enjoy candles, you can add dried herbs to the area all around the candle and secure them with string to create a cozy atmosphere. Your favorite herbs can be displayed and kept in Mason jars on a kitchen shelf or table.

Any of these suggestions will make your kitchen or dining area stand out and add special touches to family gatherings.

Herb Ladder

Hanging your herbs on an old wooden ladder is a creative method to dry them. This is how to achieve a farmhouse-rural ambiance in your home. Herb bundles can be hung from the ladder's rungs, where they will dry beautifully and look excellent.

The ladder can be brought inside or left outside in your garden. It would smell wonderful and look nice at the end of a hallway or near the entrance.

Sage is a plant that is thought to represent knowledge and offer protection. Sage is said to grow well when things are going well and wither when there is bad energy. Sage can be used to your ladder to give protection and positive energy to your home.

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