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Native to the Moluccas Islands of Indonesia. Clove can be applied directly to the gums for toothache, pain control during dental work, and other dental-related issues. Clove is an anti-viral/anti-inflammatory and pairs well with athletes and people with chronic inflammatory symptoms.

Health Benefits of Cloves

* Better Digestion

* Antibacterial Properties

* Chemo-preventive Properties

* Liver Protection

* Diabetes Management

* Bone Preservation

* Anti-mutagenic Properties

* Immunity Booster

* Anti-inflammatory Properties

* Oral Health

* Aphrodisiac Properties

* Headache Treatment

The most common concern with Clove is actually in the oil, not typically the spice itself. Clove oils must not be used directly; instead they must be diluted either in olive oil or in distilled water. Clove extract oil is generally considered to be safe, but a study by Dr. Ian Locke, School of Biosciences, University of Westminster, London have revealed that they possess cytotoxic properties. If you are unsure and would like to learn more, please contact us or a certified herbalist for assistance.

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