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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

One of the most commonly asked questions is

“What makes your Elderberry taste so different than others?”

That’s easy! We have no secrets. We use only quality *certified organic ingredients. Making sure that each of our added benefits give you the most nutrients for your body. Each of our chosen berries and spices have a specific job, helping to create a healthy immune support system. Over the next week, we will be introducing each of these ingredients to you all, and explaining their values.

Some listed Elderberry benefits are:

•Natural Laxative

•Supports Allergy Relief

•Assists with Healthy Skin

•Supports Lower Glucose Levels


•Cold/Flu Relief 

•Improves Heart Health

•Improves Bone Health

•Assist With Weight Lisa

Many ask us where we source our Elderberries from. There are a few answers to that question depending the season. We choose not to use Frontier co-op Elderberries as we like to be able to source our Elderberries from farms that are spray free/certified organic. We work with a range of 5 different suppliers. Our suppliers may run their own organic farm and harvest 6500 bushes at a time, then on other seasons we may use a few of our own trusted Elderberry friends. We choose these sources over Frontier/Amazon because we want to trust our Farmers and get to know them and their produce on a more personal level. We have worked hard to make sure that there is no fine print to our ingredients and although we are not a fully certified organic company yet, we do choose to only use fully certified organic ingredients. All of Five Forks Elderberry has the “Super”, “Wildcrafted”, “Extra Support” seal of approval that we have seen advertised with Elderberry across the country. We don’t believe in charging extra for all of our added goodness that goes along with our recipe. We are THAT proud of our Elderberry! We hope you all enjoy!

 If would like to learn more, please contact us or a certified herbalist for assistance.

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