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Orange Peel

Organic Orange Peel is one of our most common household produce items but doubles as an unexpected ingredient in our Elderberry products. We obtain our organic ingredients in a different way than the ingredients of store bought elderberry products. We choose to have a personal connection with each of our farmers to ensure we are providing families with the purest immune boosting support available.

However, Did you know our orange peels are dried in house with an FDA approved dehydration process? As an herbalist and a small business owner, continually learning how to be zero waste I know is the most sustainable for our planet. Ultimately leaving the smallest footprint on our earth is our biggest priority. In addition to the orange peel giving our products their distinctive unique flavors, they also add a ton of nutritional value and support an assortment of our most common health issues such as:

 • Anti-Inflammatory

 • Improves Oral Health

 • Boosts Immune System

 • Anti-Cancer Activity

 • Protects Respiratory System

 • Improves Digestive System

 • Helps with Weight Loss

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